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Aura Glow Teeth Whitening

Think you don't have time to get your teeth whitened? this app will help you get your teeth whitened in a snap! With just a few clicks, you can get your teeth whitened the way you want them to be! This app is power-packed with 5x more blue led lights than traditional lights. Get your teeth whitened with auraglow!

Bright Light Smile Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

Bright Light Smile Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

By Bright Light Smile

USD $24.49

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Introducing the new auraglow teeth whitening pen! This pen is a continuing medical education (cme)-Level product and is features a 35 carbamide peroxide treatment for natural teeth whitening. The treatment is designed to work in a similar way as the brand new gossamerglow toothbrush, which also uses a 35 carbamide peroxide treatment. This pen also comes with a 15-minute treatment time, so you can get your smile looking its best without worrying about long term use.
stopping the spread of bacteria and bacteria-like substances is the main goal of aura glow teeth whitening. Bybrowning your teeth with thebleaching treatment will help to prevent the spread of bacteria and bacteria-like substances. Theaction of theode light on your teeth can be soothed by theaura glow use if you experience problems such as canker or cankeristonbridge.
looking for a way to make your teeth look their best? you'll love our aura glow home teeth whitening system 50 treatments. Our system includes 50 different treatments that will white out the noise and make your smile look incredible. Plus, our deluxe system includes a mouthwash and brush. So why wait? get your system today!